Tuesday 15 November 2022

Four Ways to stay fit

Four Ways to stay fit

Now is an excellent time for you to stay in shape. You can achieve acceptable fitness progress in a few months with specific, realistic goals to lose fat or gain muscle. Top Zed Brands has put together a list of  activities that can help you get fit and active: 


Yes, you read that correctly; walking is a relaxing and enjoyable activity you can do with friends, family and even your pet. It is a physical activity that is appropriate and beneficial for you, your family and your friends. You can even do it alone while listening to music from your phone or boom box. Just make sure they aren't vehicles around or nearby to avoid accidents. Always make sure you put on sunscreen and get an umbrella if possible. The best time to do this is in the morning or when the sun sets to avoid exhaustion.


Swimming is my favourite activity as it involves a full body workout, increasing your heart rate, toning your muscles, building strength and increasing endurance. It is also an excellent activity to keep you cool in the summer, which is the best part of it. To make it even more fun, you can play netball, do swimming races with your friends or play Marco polo.

Riding a bike

Another great activity you can do in the summer is to ride a bike. Just imagine the wind hitting your skin as you are riding.

It is a great way to make you feel free as you let go of all the stress and worries you're facing, and more; it helps you stay fit and healthy and don't forget to carry Some water to keep you hydrated.


If riding a bike isn't for you, or maybe you don't own or can't afford one, going out for a run is a good advantage as it is free, and of course, it can help you lose weight fast. You can even come up with a challenge with your friend and family to see who can run the longest or the fastest. Then, of course, you can also go for a marathon. So again, it is a great way to keep fit.

But remember to keep yourself hydrated by losing a lot of fluids when running.

Refrain from spending any more time thinking about what physical activities you can start today. Instead, go outside and do these fun activities and encourage your friends and family to do the same. 

What other activities would you add to the list? 


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