Thursday 26 May 2022

Job offer - Right to Care

Clinical Officer General
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Right to Care
Right to Care is at the vanguard in supporting and delivering prevention, care, and treatment services for HIV and associated diseases. We work with government and communities to find pioneering solutions to build and strengthening public healthcare.
We embrace a strong entrepreneurial culture and focuses on innovation and the use of technology to enhance services, address skills shortages, and deliver quality healthcare outcomes. Our areas of expertise include HIV and TB care and treatment, pharmacy automation, medical male circumcision, and cervical cancer diagnosis and treatment.
Right to Care Zambia has been awarded a five (5) year project funded by the USAID through the PEPFAR mechanism. The USAID – Action HIV project aims to reduce HIV mortality, morbidity and transmission by achieving the UNAIDS and PEPFAR goal of 95/95/95 HIV treatment coverage by providing comprehensive HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment maintenance services in Luapula, Northern and Muchinga provinces of Zambia. The USAID – Action HIV project will work closely with and in support of the Ministry of Health.
Request to Hire No.: RTCZ22-011
Date advertised: 23 May 2022
Closing date: 31 May 2022
Position: Clinical Officer General
Location: Lunchinda RHC, Chiengi District
No. of Vacancies: 1
Contract duration: Until 30 September 2023
Contract type: Fixed Term
Job grade: TBA
Reporting to: District Technical Officer
Contact email:
Contact Person: Vacancy25
Minimum Required Qualifications and Experience:
  • Grade 12 Certificate
  • Diploma in Clinical Medical Sciences with a reputable institution with 3 years working experience
  • Trained in advanced ART Management
  • Trained in PMTCT and EID services
  • Trained in HIV Counselling, testing and ART Adherence
  • Trained in HIV Paediatric treatment, support, and care services.
  • Experience working in ART management at facility and Community levels respectively, with broad understanding of the collaborative aspect of community vs Facility leverages
  • Trained in PHC and ART health care systems and community-based health programming for HIV
  • Training certificate in Male Circumcision Surgical Skills
  • Training certificate in Cervical Cancer screening and management
  • Member of Health Professions Council of Zambia (HPCZ)
Desirable Qualifications and Experience:
  • Prior experience working in HIV Management/Control
  • 4 years’ experience as a Clinical Officer General in a Community health/Hospital setting
  • Understanding of Lab baselines and investigations such as VL cascade etc.
  • Knowledge on various ART related documentation such as TPT, DSD models, SVS, MMSD, HIVST, PrEP, PEP etc
  • Health care service delivery background
  • Customer Orientation
  • Good Interpersonal skills
  • Good time management skills and ability to determine priorities
  • Professional Ethics
  • Counselling skills
  • Implement targeted, high yield testing strategies
  • Initiate 95 percent of those who newly test positive through rapid initiation protocols at the facility and in the community
  • Monitor VL suppression rates, scale-up VL testing services, including increasing testing capacity, demand creation, specimen transport, and result utilization
  • Provision of Nutrition Assessment & Counselling (NACS) to the eligible clients to improve aherence, retention and viral load suppression.
  • Provide age-band targeted VMMC to avert new infections and reduce the spread of HIV
  • Implement PrEP among high-risk key and priority populations.
  • Provide Cervical Cancer screening to all the eligible women in the facilities
  • Implement differentiated service delivery (DSD) models to improve adherence, retention, and ultimately viral suppression
  • Conduct quality control projects and improvement every month to improve quality care to clients
  • Ensure data quality control quantitative through timely input of data
  • Submission of reports on respective organisation platforms requiring your monitoring and reporting input
By applying for the above-mentioned position, you consent to Right to Care to conduct qualification, ID, criminal and reference checks (internal and external) which forms part of the Company’s recruitment policy and procedure. Should you not receive a response to your application from Right to Care within one month of this advert being placed, kindly consider your application as being unsuccessful.
Only applicants meeting the strict criteria outlined above will be contacted as part of the shortlisting process. Right to Care reserves the right to withdraw the vacancy at any time for whatever reason.
Right to Care is an equal opportunity affirmative action employer. The Company’s approved Employment Equity Plan and Targets will be considered as part of the recruitment process. As an Equal Opportunities Employer, we actively encourage and welcome people with various disabilities to apply.
Right to Care Zambia is aware of fraudulent activities by certain individuals claiming to be representatives of the organization.
Be advised that Right to Care does not charge any fee at any stage of the recruitment process, and as such Right to Care Zambia assumes no responsibility for any announcements or activities by such individuals or entities.
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Job Offer - American Embassy Zambia

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If you have 3 or more years experience working in plumbing, we have an opportunity for you! The U.S. Embassy is hiring a plumbing maintenance worker to support plumbing needs at all U.S. Embassy facilities. 


Monday 23 May 2022

Applications are being accepted for the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program!

Deadline: Friday July 29, 2022

Applications are currently being accepted for the following programs only:

2023 Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program

2023-24 Fulbright Specialist Program

2023-24 Fulbright African Research Scholar Program

2023 Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Other programs that are not currently open for applications are listed below. For more information about each program, please click on the program name below. The Public Affairs Section arranges a variety of U.S.-government sponsored exchange programs that link Zambians and Americans. These programs are intended to introduce participants to the United States and American people and culture, as well as provide them with a chance to exchange ideas with their American colleagues. Educational and cultural exchanges create human bonds and enduring relationships that build bridges of cooperation and understanding between peoples. Among the thousands of distinguished individuals who have participated in U.S. government exchange programs over the past five decades are more than 200 current and former Chiefs of State, 1,500 cabinet-level ministers, and many, many other distinguished leaders from the public and private sectors.

Apply HERE

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Friday 13 May 2022

Celebrating Our Music | Artist profile Emily Hakoola (@EmilyAngHakoola) | Bulela Podcast

Welcome to another week of great content from Bulela Podcast by In’utu J. Mubanga. This week, I sat down with the super talented Emily Hakoola. I would go as far as calling her a very fresh musical breath of air to the Zambian music industry. In this in depth interview we talked about her music and so much more. Emily who refers to herself as a “singer, songwriter, influencer and humanitarian”. 

When I asked Emily if she is a super fan of Bulela Podcast, this is what she had to say, “​​I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched much of the it (Bulela Podcast) but I saw the reaction to Church’s (Church Ulukuta) album, Together and also the interview you did with him and I particularly enjoyed those.” 

After the necessary self-promo of Bulela Podcast, now we will focus more on Emily Hakoola and her craft. When asked about her craft and involvement in the music industry, here is What Emily had to say, “I’m a singer/songwriter. It’s difficult to place myself in a specific genre because I feel like I’m a mix of different genres. But if I need to say, I think I’m a pop artist, a pop star, if you may.”  

As mentioned in my intro, Emily is Zambian (if this is not yet obvious) and here she shares where in Zambia she is from,“I grew up in Kafue, a small town. I do add some parts of my roots in my music. Probably not as much as people might want because I wouldn’t say I’m Afrocentric, I’m almost the opposite but I do acknowledge where I’m from, just not in an obvious way.”

Emily started her music career, at a very young age,

“I stepped into the studio for the first time when I was about 12. My friend (El Legendary) who’s a rapper/singer invited me to sing on one of his songs and I’d say I grew into the whole studio thing and I wanted more, so I stuck around.” 

On who is her biggest inspiration re making music Emily says that her biggest influence is her mother. “My mother (who can not sing btw). She listened to all kinds of music and we’d jam together in her car. Singing along and dancing gave me so much joy and was a great bonding experience. Music has become a link to those moments for me and a link to my mother.”

There is a Visual offering by Emily she recommends we all go and see, “I have a live performance out that I did with Geo (Emily Hakoola - Nativez Live Performance). I did 3 songs off of my album.” To top it all off, Emily promises that she is working hard on her upcoming album, which is a very deeply personal project. “I don’t have any projects out yet but I am working on an album and I must say I didn’t understand some of the things I went through until this album so it’s a window into what it was like at certain points of my life.”

When asked about her creative process, Emily says, “expressing myself has always been a bit of a challenge for me. As much as I enjoy doing it, it’s a bit of a struggle coming up with sentences to describe what I’m actually feeling. The song “XO” from the live performance came out of a dark phase and It contains some pretty deep things and to find a creative way to bring it out wasn’t the easiest but weirdly, it helped that I was depressed. I guess I am an impulse writer, if that’s a thing.”

On collaborations and artists she would love to work with, Emily says, “I have 3 AMAZING people that just always blow my mind musically. Jon Bellion, Labrinth and Owl City. These three people are so creative! Their sound isn’t something you can see coming or think of. It would be a huge dream to have these people in one room. My God!”

On how we can support her craft, Emily says, “I’ve always wanted to sing at Global Citizen and at the Jimmy Fallon show. Sharing my music, streaming and buying my work when it’s out. Some sponsors would be good. I think branding and promotions are a great way to get far and that requires money.”

On life lessons learned to date, Emily shares, four points 

  • “Fear will cost you your opportunities and you’ll have to watch someone else enjoy something that could’ve possibly been yours. 

  • Don’t chase after love, it’ll find you

  • Make friends, you can’t grow in isolation 

  • Take responsibility for your emotions, you’ll pay the price, not the people who hurt you”

When asked what she thinks is the value of the Zambian Music industry, Emily gives us the following insights: “I think it’s great for tourism, look at Coachella. Thousands of people go there just to enjoy music. I think music brings people together, no after where they come from, their skin colour or language, music is a language that connects all of us.”

You can find Emily Hakoola via the following link: 

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Emily Hakoola - Nativez Live Performance

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