Zambia takes centre stage in Namwali Serpell's sprawling ‘The Old Drift’

When Namwali Serpell and her fellow English student geeks at Yale were immersed in “all these classic multigenerational, post-colonial, post-imperial novels,” they shared a running joke about the novel Persell had already started to write.
‘It’s the Great Zambian Novel you never knew you were waiting for!” she recalls with a laugh.
Turns out they were wrong. Almost 20 years later, Serpell’s “The Old Drift” (Hogarth, $28, 576 pages) is the great Zambian novel the literary world really has been waiting for. The book that made many of spring’s “most-anticipated” lists has received glowing reviews and numerous comparisons to Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ s “100 Years of Solitude.”


Serpell hasn’t really been writing the sprawling epic for decades. In the meantime, she went to Harvard for grad school, published a book of literary criticism, started several other novels and completed one that’s parked in a drawer. She also joined the UC Berkeley faculty in 2008 and now teaches, among other classes…

Zambian Company: Trade Kings Zambia PTY Ltd

Trade Kings Zambia PTY Ltd. manufactures detergents, soaps, nutritious food products, and sweets and confectionaries. The company offers pastes, powders, and household detergents; confectionaries, such as lollipops, candies, chews and eclairs, and bubble gums; beauty and bath, and laundry soaps; and soy products. 

It serves customers in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Congo, South Africa, and internationally. The company was founded in 1992 and is based in Lusaka, Zambia.

Contact information: 
Plot No.29381

Nampundwe Road

Off Mumbwa Road

Lusaka,  30824


260 211 286 117

260 211 288 856

Source: Bloomberg 

Zambian Biz - Ulimusuma Hair Services

Manufactures of:-

1. Satin bonnets and 
2. Satin pillowcases and 

And stockists of various hair products. 

They are an online store based in Lusaka. Who deliver for K30 within Lusaka (CBD) and K50 Country Wide. 

You can call to order from them via 0972128172 or reach us on Instagram or Facebook - Ulimusuma Hair Services.

They retail and wholesale as well.


First Zambian Jams on Shoprite shelves

In 2000, the Eriksson Family took the significant decision to expand their farming operation to include food processing, producing Chankwakwa dried fruit, jams and sauces.
To source the raw materials, Mrs Dorothy Erikkson turned to local small-scale farmers via an outgrower scheme. She started with just 100 growers who supplied her with mangoes and other fruits and vegetables, training and organising families in cooperatives. Starting locally, in order to meet the growing demand for mango Chankwakwa now also sources from Luapula province.

Mrs Erikkson was aware that in order to keep the business growing she would need to expand the market for her products. She realised that her products, particularly the dried fruit, had two types of consumers: affluent Zambians and Muzungu (foreigners), all of whom mainly shop in large supermarket chains.
“At first we didn’t want to approach any large supermarkets because of the strict rules they have”, she said. But clearly this was a market that she n…

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The short story of one "brave" young woman.

Is Twitter a distraction? You decide for yourself. Make sure to follow Top Zed Brands on Twitter if you do not already follow us. 
Here is a taste of what the app has to offer. 

Would you say that this young lady is brave? To go ahead and use her TL (@/NyikoKhosa_), to approach this young man must have used up a lot of courage. You told this guy how you feel,  and the way you did deserves a pat on the back. Not many people can claim to be so brave.  
Now the reply that followed is very lacklustre. 

                                                                      This guy, wow!

Soon after this started to trend: - 
                                                    Now when you go to his account you find this.

Zambian Youtubers

A thread off Twitter
Ok so I have heard some people say “every Zambian is now having a YouTube channel” okay but what’s wrong with it? We are the same people that are wanting zambia to put on the map, so why are we complaining? — 🌈Lil Shawty✨ (@mwakapixel) March 11, 2019

Remembering Muhammad Ali - Goodbye Champ.

We have lost the #GOAT. Your #legacy will live forever. — Beyoncé Mandela (@beyoncemandela)June 4, 2016

IDAI Cyclone Warning for Zambia

The tropical cyclone that is ravaging Mozambique is likely to extend to some parts of Zambia, the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit has warned. DMMU communications officer Racheal Chama said in a statement today that Cyclone Idai could affect Luapula, Northern, Central, Southern, Muchinga and parts of Eastern provinces. “The Southern African Development Community – Climate Services Centre has predicted that a tropical storm is forming over Mozambique, which will migrate inland and make landfall over eastern Mozambique,” Chama stated. “The tropical cyclone is likely to extend to Zambia and affect Luapula, Northern, Central, Southern, Muchinga and parts of Eastern provinces. Districts such as Lunga, Chilubi, Luwingu, Mporokoso, Kawambwa, parts of Mansa and Milenge are likely to receive rainfall more than 10mm from March 16.”
Chama explained that Cyclone Idai which is likely to make land fall in Zambia from 15th – 20th March 2019, will be characterised by high velocity winds, heavy rai…

Tropical cyclone with ‘rapid intensification’ to slam Africa, bringing 120 mph winds and downpours

When most people think about tropical cyclones, Africa usually doesn’t come to mind. Idai — a Category 2-equivalent with 100 mph winds — will make landfall in Mozambique later this week. The storm formed 40 miles off the shore of Mozambique early Saturday, drifting east-southeast over the Mozambique Channel during the day just above the tropical storm minimum threshold. Things didn’t stay that way for long, though. Between 2 a.m. Sunday and 2 a.m. Monday Mozambique time, Idai exploded from 45 mph to 105 mph, going from just above low-end tropical storm strength to a high Category 2 within 24 hours. It became a major hurricane-equivalent (Category 3) just six hours later. Storms in the Indian Ocean are called “cyclones.”
That fits the bill for “rapid intensification,” strengthening at a greater rate than Harvey, Irma, Florence or Michael did before impacting the United States. After peaking at 120 mph, Idai’s winds stand at 105 mph, but it could restrengthen. The worst of the storm hasn’t…


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