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Zambian Biz - Pezani Discount

"Our Location is online on our site Facebook, Twitter and Instagram- @ Pezani Discount Contact info- 096 0615411 or 097 0910474 Companies pay to advertise their products at 
K250 monthly subscription for advertisement on our website and K50 for website posts."

Pezani Discount was started while we were in school. Life of a student is nice (sometimes). You get paid for schooling. Before we went for regular food shopping because we obviously did not want to starve, we would survey all the shops for what we needed.
Some of you might say just go to Shoprite, it's cheap.  That's the lie we all grew up with. Yes, we said it, Shoprite isn't all cheap. Buy everything from Shoprite as a student you will regret because there is basically no change (leftover cash).

Our survey would cover the town and the nearest shopping malls. Find promotions and the freshest goodies. After that, we would go from shop to shop buying part of our shopping list until the whole lis…

Zambian Biz - My Advertising Tribe

Social Media Advertising (Not free)

Zambian lawyer Monica Musonda has been appointed as a member of the CAF Governance and Ethics Committee.

Musonda was nominated to that position by the Football Association of Zambia delegation at the CAF congress.
She is also the founder of Java Foods Ltd where she currently is Chief Executive Officer. Other credentials include being the chairperson of Airtel Networks Zambia Plc and also sits on the board of ArcelorMittal South Africa Ltd., African Life Assurance Co. Ltd., Zambia Sugar Plc and Dangote Industries Ltd. She received a graduate degree from the University of Zambia, a graduate degree from the University of London and a graduate degree from Queen Mary University of London. Monica Musonda is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Java Foods, a food processing company based in Zambia. Monica’s vision is to revolutionize the eating habits of the youth market by offering them affordable and nutritious food options made from local products. Monica is a dual-qualified English solicitor and Zambian advocate with over 15 years of experience in legal practice and corporate management, i…

Zambian president fires finance minister

Zambia’s president has fired Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe and appointed central bank deputy governor Bwalya Ng’andu to replace her, the president’s office said. 
The statement, issued on Sunday night, gave no reasons for President Edgar Lungu’s decision and there were no immediate comments from Mwanakatwe, who only took up the post last year, or from Ng’andu.
Ng’andu will take over the management of an economy the International Monetary Fund has repeatedly warned is struggling with high debts and shrinking foreign exchange reserves.
External debt rose to $10.05 billion at the end of 2018, compared with $8.74 billion a year earlier. Zambia is trying to shrink a fiscal deficit that amounted to 7.5% of gross domestic product last year.
The government also faces tensions with miners who say taxes it has imposed will stymie investment and hit output in Africa’s second-largest copper producer.
Ng’andu has previously served as managing director of the Development Bank of Zambia, managing …

Zambian Biz - Adastra fruit juice processors (mango juice makers)

They are based in Mongu and can be contacted via +260977490565. 

Zambian Biz (sort of) - Zambia Online Store!/Personal shopper

"1. My name is *Luwiza*.I live in SA and my business is to offer worry-free shopping for business ladies in Zambia or any other country.

2.  Do I sell items? *No*
3.  How do I then make my money? *I charge a shopping service fee*.

4. How much are my charges?  *PRiCES ARE NOT FIXED I charge according to the number of goods am shopping for you and number of places I will go to purchase your things from. (local transport charges inclusive) 
5.  How does transport work? (Courier and duty)  *Goods are sent via busses Mostly Juldan or Mazhandu.
#Transport is charged by the drivers, it's not fixed, depends on the number of goods purchased!! 
6. How long does it take to receive goods after ordering??? Mostly 5 days or less... Depending on reliable and reasonable drivers on duty!  7. Do I Know the drivers who transport your items? I know most of them, yes and I do my level best to negotiate flexible prices. Eg Duty, Transport charges. #The things you can get From South Africa Using The shopper are  E…

Zambian Biz - Nammie’s yummies

Today we share with you another Zambian Biz. If you like this kind of content then make sure to follow us on  Twitter via @topzedbrands and share this post. 
Nammies YUMMIE'S
If you love Cupcakes then you need to get in touch with this Zambian Startup. Nammie's Yummies is open 8am- 5pm on weekdays. DM or WhatsApp 0962560118 for orders. (texts preferred over calls). Please order 3 days in advance to avoid any sad faces.

Find them on Twitter via @Nammiesyummies and on Instagram 


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