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Zambian Biz (sort of) - Zambia Online Store!/Personal shopper

"1. My name is *Luwiza*.I live in SA and my business is to offer worry-free shopping for business ladies in Zambia or any other country.

2.  Do I sell items? *No*
3.  How do I then make my money? *I charge a shopping service fee*.

4. How much are my charges?  *PRiCES ARE NOT FIXED I charge according to the number of goods am shopping for you and number of places I will go to purchase your things from. (local transport charges inclusive) 
5.  How does transport work? (Courier and duty)  *Goods are sent via busses Mostly Juldan or Mazhandu.
#Transport is charged by the drivers, it's not fixed, depends on the number of goods purchased!! 
6. How long does it take to receive goods after ordering??? Mostly 5 days or less... Depending on reliable and reasonable drivers on duty!  7. Do I Know the drivers who transport your items? I know most of them, yes and I do my level best to negotiate flexible prices. Eg Duty, Transport charges. #The things you can get From South Africa Using The shopper are  E…

Zambian Biz - Nammie’s yummies

Today we share with you another Zambian Biz. If you like this kind of content then make sure to follow us on  Twitter via @topzedbrands and share this post. 
Nammies YUMMIE'S
If you love Cupcakes then you need to get in touch with this Zambian Startup. Nammie's Yummies is open 8am- 5pm on weekdays. DM or WhatsApp 0962560118 for orders. (texts preferred over calls). Please order 3 days in advance to avoid any sad faces.

Find them on Twitter via @Nammiesyummies and on Instagram 


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