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Zambian Biz - Kamanga Wear (2016 Top Zed Brands Finalist)

In 2016 you nominated and voted for this  list of the '2016 TopZedBrands Winner and Finalists '. And on that list, we have a total of 10 Zambian brands that you support and love.  Kamanga Wear , was one of those brands. We asked them to let us (and you), know why they think it is important for Zambians to 'Buy Local and Zambian First'.  Why Buy Local Fashion? By Fay Sowden Kamanga Wear is a Zambian Ethnic Eclectic ready-to-wear brand that offers an alternative to international mass-produced garments. Since its inception six years ago, the Kamanga Wear brand has managed to grow from a fully dependent start-up into a self-sufficient small scale business. It has successfully managed to develop a business model that designs, produces, markets and sells a clothing line that is, without doubt, one of Zambia’s leading locally produced ready-to-wear women’s clothing lines. This couldn’t have been possible without the support of our local customer base.