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What type of work can I do by freelancing?

What type of work can I do by freelancing?

Companies are becoming much more open to and interested in hiring freelancers doing many different types of work. So freelancing has become much more acceptable for a wide variety of roles.

Admin Support Jobs

Freelance administrative support jobs include:

Virtual Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Project Management

Order Processing

Data Entry


Online Research

Design and Creative Jobs

Freelance design and creative jobs include:

Brand Identity and Strategy


Presentation Design

Motion Graphics Design

Audio Production

Video Production

Voice Talent

Physical Design

Graphic Design

UX/UI Design

Art and Illustration



Writing Jobs

Freelancing writing jobs include:




Content Writing


Grant Writing

Writing Tutoring

Career Coaching

Creative Writing

Technical Writing

Business Writing

Web, Mobile, and Software Development Jobs

Freelance web, mobile, and software development jobs include:

Ecommerce Website Development



Mobile Development

Product Management

Game Development

Desktop Software Development

QA & Testing

Web Design

Mobile Design

Web Development

Other Software Development

Accounting and Consulting Jobs

Freelance accounting and consulting jobs include:

Business Analysis

Instructional Design


Tax Preparation



Financial Analysis

Financial Modeling

Management Consulting

HR Administration

Training and Development

Financial Management

Virtual CFO

Legal Jobs

Freelance legal jobs include:

Business Law

Corporate Law

Tax Law

International Law

Securities and Finance Law

Intellectual Property Law

General Counsel

Labor and Unemployment Law

Regulatory Law

Immigration Law


Data Science and Analytics Jobs

Freelance data science and analytics jobs include:

Data Mining

Data Analytics

Data Extraction

Deep Learning

Machine Learning

A/B Testing

Data Engineering

Data Visualization

Data Processing

Knowledge Representation

Experimentation and Testing

Sales and Marketing Jobs

Freelance sales and marketing jobs include:

Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing

Community Management

Display Advertising


Lead Generation

Public Relations

Market Research

Email Automation

Marketing Automation

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing

Customer Service Jobs

Freelance customer service jobs include:

Customer Service

Technical Support

IT and Networking Jobs

Freelance IT and networking jobs include:

Network Security

Information Security

Solutions Architecture

Systems Engineering

System Administration

Systems Compliance

Database Administration

DevOps Engineering

Systems Architecture

Network Administration

Engineering and Architecture Jobs

Freelance engineering an Architecture jobs include:

Civil Engineering

Structural Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Sourcing and Procurement

3D Modeling


Interior Design

Chemical Engineering

Product Design

Translation Jobs

Freelance translation jobs include:

Legal Translation

Language Tutoring

Language Localization

Technical Translation

Written Translation

Medical Translation

Source: Freelancing School 

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What is Freelancing & What Does it Mean to Freelance? 

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What is Freelancing & What Does it Mean to Freelance?

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing means to work as an independent company rather than be employed by someone else. Freelancers are self-employed and often referred to as independent contractors. 

Freelancers are hired by other companies on a part-time or short-term basis, but they do not receive the same compensation as full-time employees or have the same level of commitment to any particular company.

With the rise of the gig economy, people are talking about freelancing more than ever before. They are not only talking about it, many people are becoming freelancers too. 

How does freelancing work?

Freelancers accept payment in return for providing some sort of service. That agreement is generally part-time or short-term.

For example, if I hired a photographer to take new headshots for me, I could pay a freelancer for that session and that would be the end of it.

Sometimes people pay freelancers to work a set number of hours per week or per month. That arrangement is often referred to as a “retainer.”

A retainer refers to when you retain the services or right to someone’s time. A lot of legal professionals work on retainer. Every month, they bill a set amount of time to the client, regardless of whether that full time is used or not.

It’s really one of the simplest and most pure forms of entrepreneurship: the freelancer provides a specific service or outcome, and the buyer pays them a fee directly.

Why are people freelancing?

Freelancing provides a lot of flexibility and control to the individual. Most freelancers choose their own hours, the work that they do, the clients they work with, and may even be able to work remotely.

Freelancing is also a form of entrepreneurship, which means the freelancer has total control of their earning potential. Freelancers aren’t locked into a salary, and so they can earn as much as they are able to bill to their clients.

And as a freelancer, you are your own boss.

Freelancing provides a lot of variety in the type of work you can do, too. If you are someone with a lot of interests and are drawn to trying new things, freelancing can help you explore all kinds of projects and industries.

Historically, freelancing isn’t something people typically do forever. They either hire other freelancers or employees to build a full agency, they build their own products to replace their freelance income, or they go back to working full time.

Freelancing provides the flexibility many people want in order to figure out their next career move.

How much can I get paid freelancing?

According to that same 2019 study, the median freelance income is $20-28 per hour. Of course with so many different freelance jobs available, that number can vary quite a bit.

Transcription services may only earn $5-10 per hour, while software engineering roles may earn $75 or even hundreds of dollars per hour.

It’s best to compare the freelance rates of your particular skill set to get a good estimate of the expected income you could earn as a freelancer.

What are the risks of freelancing?

Freelancing comes with both financial and some health risks.

In the United States, one of the biggest benefits to full-time employment is access to healthcare and other financial benefits outside of your typical salary. That may include a 401K retirement plan or company-provided health insurance.

For freelancers, being hired as an independent contractor generally means companies will not provide those same financial or healthcare benefits to you.

So freelancers are on their own when it comes to planning for their financial futures and enrolling in health insurance coverage.

Not only are freelancers on their own to set these benefits up for themselves, but they are also at a bit of a disadvantage.

When a company negotiates a health insurance policy with a broker, they are often able to get more favorable rates since they are buying in bulk. But as a self-employed individual, you are buying a policy for yourself and your family only.

And, unfortunately, that means your health insurance may cost more.

It is easy to set up your own retirement savings account, but there will not be any matching contributions from your employer.

And finally, freelancers are responsible for all income coming into the business. If you are unable or unwilling to sell more projects and land more clients, your income will dry up.

These risks are all manageable, but they are worth considering before you jump into freelancing full-time.

How do I start freelancing?

A) Working with clients directly

B) Subcontracting

C) Jobs websites - e.g Fiverr 

Source: Freelancing School

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What type of work can I do by freelancing? 

Wednesday 22 September 2021

Employment opportunity - Social Worker

Contract: Beit CURE Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia
Closes: October 1, 2021

Beit CURE Hospital - Provides Specialty Medical Treatment in Orthopaedics & ENT
Beit CURE Hospital is a children’s charity hospital founded by a Christian Mission Organization, CURE International. We specialize in the surgical treatment of disabilities in Orthopedics and ENT.

Position Details:
Social Worker
Reports to: Spiritual Director
Location: Lusaka
Conduct socio-economic assessment of all new patients and families (Guardians)
Educate patients, caretakers, and organizations (if applicable) on the hospital, its operations, and expectations of them
Educate patients, caretakers, and organizations on the requirements of their care (Transport and rehab care)
Work with Spiritual Centre and Nursing staff to provide spiritual and psychological support to patients and caretakers
Provide spiritual and psychological support to patients and caretakers whenever necessary
Work with Ward staff and Out Patient Department (OPD) to ensure proper discharge planning is done.
Develop and implement an effective follow-up program to track discharged patients in assigned areas(s) and create relevant reports
Tracking patients' treatment progress.
Write and send at least two Bed Sponsorship Stories and Patient Stories to CURE HQ every week
To follow up on patients seen in CURE mobile clinics and facilitate their coming to Hospital as scheduled.
To secure discharged patient’s data for easy tracking and follow-up.
To coordinate with Head of Physiotherapy and Out-Patient to ensure patients treatment requirements (crutches, walking frame, sitting chair, shoes) are met
Develop and network with partners both within and outside Lusaka who will meet the patient’s social needs that Beit CURE Hospital does not provide.
To produce monthly reports on followed up patients.
To perform any other duties as assigned by the supervisor.

Job Requirements
Completed Degree/ Diploma in Social Work, Social Services, or related discipline.
Experience as a Social Worker, preferably working with families and children
Computer knowledge in MS Applications, e-mail, and internet systems preferred
Ability to work in and contribute to a team-building environment
Ability to establish priorities and proceed with objectives with minimum supervision
Ability to handle confidential documents or material in an appropriate manner
Experience in interviewing clients, collecting and assessing data
Exhibit high qualities of honesty and integrity when handling hospital resources

Application Instructions:
All applications to be submitted via email to:
Indicate position applied for in the subject matter failure to which may disadvantage you to be shortlisted.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
The Human Resources and Administration Manager
Beit CURE International Hospital
Box 36961
Plot No. 34872a Great North Road
To apply for this job email your details to

Employment opportunity - Customer Care Officer


Employment opportunity at ZICB

Employment opportunity at ZICB 

More info on the ZICB FACEBOOK PAGE

Monday 20 September 2021

Top 8 Songs to listen to this week


1.  Appetite For Destruction [Explicit] Kofi Jamar



2.  Don Bother [Explicit] Silverstone Barz



3. Harmonies [Explicit]Wavy the Creator

         #download Harmonies [Explicit] by Wavy the Creator via @TopZedBrands             #music


4. Jailer [Explicit] Olamide (feat. Jaywillz)



5. Cliché Epoque

#download Cliché by Epoque via @TopZedBrands #music #topzedbrands


6. If Orange Was A Place - Tems

Talent House Zambia has several vacancies

  Talent House Zambia has several vacancies 

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Chef187 Celebrates 2 years of Bon Appétit

 Chef187 Celebrates 2 years of Bon Appétit

On this day 2 years ago... Bon Appétit dropped!!!!


Saturday 18 September 2021

Zambian envoy confirms 200 Tanzanian trucks seized over illegal logging


  • In 2016, Zambia banned the felling and transporting of mukula, a type of rosewood, as part of its efforts to curb its rapid loss fuelled by growing demand of rosewood in Asia.
  • In 2018, Zambia Revenue Authority seized at least 250 lorries that were found carrying banned timber.
  • Lusaka requires transporters, even those in transit, to have valid documents showing the origin of their rosewood logs and when they were harvested as a caution to end the smuggling of endangered tree species.

Zambia’s High Commission has confirmed that Lusaka had seized 200 Tanzanian-registered trucks over illegal logging.

High Commissioner Benson Chali told The Citizen that the lorries were found carrying protected mukula (Pterocarpus chrysothrix) logs without valid permits.

Last week, Tanzania's then Transport Minister Leonard Chamuriho said the country was not aware of trucks seized in Zambia and had not received any complaints from the lorry drivers or owners.

In 2016, Zambia banned the felling and transporting of mukula, a type of rosewood, as part of its efforts to curb its rapid loss fuelled by growing demand of rosewood in Asia.

In 2018, Zambia Revenue Authority seized at least 250 lorries that were found carrying banned timber.

Lusaka requires transporters, even those in transit, to have valid documents showing the origin of their rosewood logs and when they were harvested as a caution to end the smuggling of endangered tree species.

The trucks were seized as the drivers did not have documents to indicate the origin of the logs.

“We have seized over 200 trucks laden with logs because Tanzanian drivers didn’t have legal documents and transportation permits to show that the logs were indeed from the Democratic Republic of Congo as claimed,” he said.

“We will only release the trucks after they show the relevant documents.”

Mr Chali says authorities suspect the Tanzanian drivers could have used forged documents to ferry logs on the pretext that they had originated in the DRC.

Tanzania’s High Commissioner to Zambia, Mr Hassan Simba Yahya, told The Citizen that the issue will now be resolved diplomatically by the two countries.

Lorry owners have maintained that the seized vehicles came from the DRC before they were impounded by Zambian authorities.

Chuki Shaaban, Tanzania Medium and Small Truck Owners Association (TMSTOA) chairman, told The Citizen recently that the lorries were transporting the logs from the DRC to the Dar es Salaam Port.

“They were seized despite the fact that our drivers produced genuine documents showing that the logs had been transported from the DRC,” he said.

“It has now been close to two months since our lorries were impounded, but nothing has been done.”

Mr Shaaban said they had been silent about the issue with the hope that the issue would be resolved through official channels.


Mane scores 100th Liverpool goal in Palace stroll

Sadio Mane scored his 100th Liverpool goal as the Senegal star inspired a 3-0 win against Crystal Palace that sent his side top of the Premier League on Saturday.

Mane's milestone strike came in his 224th appearance for the Reds, breaking Palace's rearguard action late in the first half at Anfield.

Egypt forward Mohamed Salah and Guinea midfielder Naby Keita netted in the second half to move Jurgen Klopp's team three points clear of second-placed Manchester City.

It was fitting that Mane should make it to his century against Palace as he set a new Premier League record for the most consecutive games a player has scored against one opponent.

It was the ninth successive match that Mane had netted against Palace.

More importantly for Klopp, Mane already has four goals this term, suggesting he is ready to put last season's disappointing personal campaign behind him.

After Liverpool's lacklustre, injury-hit defence of the Premier League title, they are back in the groove in the chase to regain the trophy from Manchester City.

Klopp's men have opened the season with an unbeaten run of four wins from five games, with just one goal conceded and 12 scored.

French defender Ibrahima Konate, signed from Leipzig in the close season, was handed his Liverpool debut as one of six changes from the midweek Champions League win over AC Milan.

Klopp switched his entire back four, with Virgil van Dijk returning, James Milner playing on the right instead of Trent Alexander-Arnold and Kostas Tsimikas replacing Andy Robertson.

- Mane stars -

Initially, Liverpool seemed unsettled by Klopp's alterations and Palace nearly took advantage of a defensive blunder that ended with Alisson Becker pushing Wilfried Zaha's shot onto the post.

Diogo Jota led the Liverpool response as the Portugal forward fired across goal from a tight angle.

Jordan Henderson scored Liverpool's winner against AC Milan and the England midfielder was close to netting again when his half-volley from Mane's cross forced Vicente Guaita to make a good stop.

Jota missed a golden opportunity to break the deadlock, firing over from three yards after the ball was palmed out to him by Guaita.

But Mane ended Palace's spirited resistance in the 43rd minute.

Salah's header from Tsimikas' corner was saved by Guaita and Mane pounced to slam the rebound past the Palace keeper.

Alisson had to make a fine save from Joel Ward's drive to preserve Liverpool's lead at the interval.

Palace were inches away from earning a second-half penalty when Conor Gallagher was tripped right on the edge of the area.

Christian Benteke wasted the free-kick, before Van Dijk headed just over at the other end.

Keita's shot was repelled by Guaita, who scrambled to his feet to deny Salah's follow-up attempt.

Salah wouldn't be denied a goal for long and the Egypt star delivered the knockout blow in the 78th minute.

Van Dijk helped on a Liverpool corner and Salah was perfectly placed to slot home at the far post.

Keita, on as a second-half replacement for Thiago Alcantara, put the seal on Liverpool's stroll when he volleyed in from the edge of the area in the 89th minute.

Source: AFP


Friday 17 September 2021

TOP 5: Best Student Laptops 2022

Today’s students need a well-functioning laptop for their studies and day-to-day university life.  In this article, we’ll be sharing 5 Laptops that are designed for different kinds of students/budgets. All the products on our list were chosen due to their own inherent strengths and features.






Watch Chanda Na Kay - Take All Of Me featuring Abel Chungu Musuka (Official Music Video)