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African airlines lose $4.4 billion in revenue following the spread of coronavirus on the continent

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN)Multiple flights have been cancelled or temporarily suspended across Africa as airlines struggle to cope with falling demand following the spread of coronavirus.
Rwanda Air and Air Mauritius are among airlines that have suspended flights to China. Morocco has suspended all international flightsto and from its territory "until further notice" and Kenya Airways also suspended flights to countries affected by the virus.
According to a report from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), as of March 11, African airlines have recorded a loss of up to $4.4 billion in revenue since the virus surfaced.

Adefunke Adeyemi, IATA's Regional Director for Advocacy and Strategic relations in Africa says passenger demand for Africa has reduced significantly. International bookings in Africa went down by 20% in March and April, while domestic bookings have fallen by about 15% in March and 25% in April, according to data from IATA.

"Not as many passengers ar…

Is there a mealie-meal shortage in Zambia?

A critical shortage of mealie-meal has been reported in some parts of Ndola, Luanshya and Chingola towns. This is is according to a story published on The Mast Online.  The Copperbelt biggest supplier of mealie-meal is Antelope Milling, which is based in Luanshya. And Antelope Milling senior director Jimmy Kaldis explained that the biggest challenge was load-shedding which has affected their production. “Everywhere there are queues and I am the cheapest in the market. I am selling at K135 to K137 per 25kg bag of breakfast. I want to supplement government efforts. Other millers are getting maize from FRA but they are not selling at the government recommended prices. But I am faced with a challenge of load-shedding of 6 hours. I know the crisis in the country of deficit of power due to climate change and I sympathise with the government. So please I am appealing to you for the sake of these people that are queuing up all over places, please, to reduce on load-shedding so that l can produce…

Mulling Over Art: Tayali goes for K27,000 at auction

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AFTER an animated bidding war between Chilambwe Lwao and Justine Chola, two well-known Zambian art collectors, a painting by Lusaka-based artist Geoffrey Phiri sold to the highest bidder, Chola for a handsome K18,000 (eighteen thousand kwacha). But taking the top spot in the art auction at Tace Zambia Ltd (The Auction Centre) on Kafue Road in Lusaka on Saturday, February 29, was an abstract painting by Zambian modern master Henry Tayali (1943-1987) that went under the hammer for an arguably acceptable K27,000. This painting also went to Chola. Tayali is not only considered the most famous Zambian artist outside Zambia, the Henry Tayali Visual Art Centre and the Henry Tayali Award for Best Two-Dimensional Visual Artist presented during the National Arts Council of Zambia’s Ngoma Awards are named after him. Advertised and presented as “Artworks and Sculptures Auction Sale duly instructed by Bank of Zambia – Liquidation Auction Sale on behalf …

Zambian Kwacha exchange rates 10.03.2020


Zambian Kwacha Reaches Parity With Rand After Steep Drop: Chart

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For close to three decades, Zambia’s currency would buy you more U.S. dollars than South Africa’s rand. The kwacha’s steep decline in the past five years has changed that: it’s been trading on par with the rand since the end of last year. That’s driving up costs in a country that buys almost a third of its imports from South Africa, which, in turn, pays dollars for most of the goods it purchases abroad. - Bloomberg

DEC gets hands on Bugatti?

A statement circulating on social media indicates that the DEC has seized the popular advertising prop of the week. Read the following press statement:- 

Bugatti hot business advertising prop in Zambia

In the past week, there has been a lot of social media hype about the Bugatti that landed at KIAA. 

The Zambian business community did not want to be left out. You can check out the following flayers. Let us know in the comments the advert you prefer, and why?

100+ Zambian Youtubers to Watch 2020

A thread off Twitter
Ok so I have heard some people say “every Zambian is now having a YouTube channel” okay but what’s wrong with it? We are the same people that are wanting zambia to put on the map, so why are we complaining? — 🌈Lil Shawty✨ (@mwakapixel) March 11, 2019
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What is Top Zed Brands About?

For a while now, most of our readers across Zambia and the globe, have asked these questions. So, with this short blog post, I hope I can remove the cobwebs and set you on the path to everlasting knowledge and light. Hopefully, you grasp what this project is about.

Top Zed Brands was born on social media via a weekly chat on Twitter known as 'Insaka Chat'. Where a wide range of social issues relating to Zambia is discussed. That was in 2013. Today we have a modest following on our twitter (@TopZedBrands) account. Check out our twitter handle and interact with us. We are keen to know your views re quality Zambian products and services.

We have been around for four years now. By now we hope you know or at least have an idea who we are. If not please take a few minutes to have a look at our 1,2,3...
1. #TopZedBrands Background
Explains to you, where we came from, what and who we are. Where we hope to go.
2. In simple terms, we want to promote quality Zambian brands (for free).
Tells yo…