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Women In Sport: 2 - The story of Jahaanvie Walia (A young female Zambian Golfer)

Jahaanvie Walia started playing golf when she was only 4 years old. She only started to really play professionally at the age of 6. The 17-year-old wants to see more young girls get involved in the sport.

"I would like to see more [girls] taking up sports. Am 17 years old but if you look at the people coming up behind me, they are not many," she told IMF sports weekly in an exclusive interview.
Jahaanvie has stressed the need for the co-operate world to come in and support the sport of golf.
" We golfers struggle with funds because a lot of our competitions are held abroad. As for me, It's because my parents have invested all their money in me that was even here. It would be good if sponsors can come on board and pump money into amateur golf.Yes, we cannot advertise for them now but when we turn professional they will get returns on their investments," she said.

" We also lack proper facilities and we don't have enough coaches. If we are to one day compete…


Women's football in Zambia is yet to be fully developed. Nevertheless, small strides are being made to change this. One person who can attest to this positive change and advancement in the women's game is Zambia, is the Women's national team assistant coach, Kape Melissa Saili.

Saili started her footballing career in the 1990s and has not looked back since then.  Zambia did not have a specific women's league back then. Hence, she did not play competitive football until 1999 when Lusaka select team faced off with the Copperbelt select side.  This was the birth of organised women's football in Zambia. 

Saili told me, in an exclusive interview that she has ambitions of coaching an all men's super league team one day.

" I want to see equals opportunities for both men and Women. My short term goal is to become Head coach of a women national team, and then my long term goal is to one day coach a men's super league team," - KAPE

Saili was part of the first …

Government to compel mining firms to set up processing plants in Zambia

The government says it will soon pass a policy to compel mining firms to engage importers of their copper to set up processing plants for finished products in Zambia. Minister of Mines Christopher Yaluma says it is unacceptable that Zambia continues importing finished products of copper mined in Zambia instead of manufacturing them from within the country. Addressing a business delegation from South Africa’s Gauteng Province at his office today, Mr Yaluma said adding value to copper will create a lot of jobs and contribute to revenue earnings. He said exporting copper blisters denies Zambia revenue because it contains a lot of minerals which are disintegrated in the foreign processing plants. The Minister adds that most small-scale miners are exploited by large firms who buy them off at low prices because they lack machinery for mining. He is however delighted that the South African delegation which includes SA Capital Equipment is looking at Zambia as a potential market.
Mr Yaluma notes th…

Zambian made shoes?

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As shoe brands go, it’s not exactly up there with the major high-street labels; but CLCs – pronounced “Clicks” – are slowly gaining a reputation on the Copperbelt as good-quality, hand-made shoes that won’t break the bank.

CLC is an acronym for Chingola Leather Cluster, a small cottage industry that produces handmade leather shoes, thanks to a K120 000 grant by Konkola Copper Mines (KCM). The money has funded training, the purchase of leather, and the installation of shoe-making equipment and machinery. “We noticed many people in the townships were repairing shoes, but not making them,” says local entrepreneur Preston Viswamo, who came up with the idea for the business. “It was just the skills that were lacking, so we set about teaching them the skills.” CLC is part of the larger CLIC (Copperbelt Leather Industry Cluster), which was founded by Viswamo. As we take a tour of the Chingola workshop, one can’t help noticing that Viswamo is wear…

Zambian Company - Yellow Umbrella Designs - Business Profile

Yellow Umbrella Designs is a design collective that is focused on but not limited to designing cards for any and all occasions. We mainly design A6 greeting cards with a creative quirky touch, customers can pick from an ever-growing collection of designs or can come with an idea that we will gladly intake and bring to life. For further information contact our Lead Designer ; Itati Dzekedzeke at 0978983449 Or Our Facebook page: Yellow Umbrella Designs (link:

China’s Gansu Province puts Zambia on list of preferred investment destination

China’s Gansu Province has prioritised Zambia on its list of preferred investment destinations in Africa because of the country’s stable political, economic and social environment the Province’s Governor Tang Renjian has said.
The Governor said he is happy that Jinchuan Group Limited, one of the State-owned enterprises in Gansu has invested in Chibuluma Mines and Munali Nickel Mine in Zambia. He said the company’s investments in Zambia are bearing fruit so far mainly due to the conducive environment. “Jinchuan Group plans to expand its investment portfolio in Zambia because of the prevailing favourable climate in the country,” Mr Tang said when he met Minister of Mines and Mineral Development Christopher Yaluma at the second Silk Road International Expo and Conference in Dunhuang last week. Mr Tang said Gansu Province is ready to explore other investment opportunities in Zambia and urged Mr Yaluma to identify key sectors which should be considered for joint ventures in the agriculture, ma…

ZABS calls for re-examination of existing rules that govern global trade

The International Body for Standardization has called for a re-examination of existing rules that govern global trade to ascertain whether they add value or unnecessarily restrict trade between and among nations. Held under the theme “Open Minded, Open for Change”, the weeklong Annual General Assembly that took place in the German capital of Berlin and ended Friday, challenged national bodies responsible for standardization to find ways of reacting in good time to the needs of industry and the business community.
During a courtesy call paid on the Zambian embassy in Berlin, Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) Director Manuel Mutale said the rules governing standards’ bodies tend to be heavily bureaucratic thereby failing the needs and demands of today’s business. “For instance, if Kenya wanted to import maize from Zambia and the latter has produced excess maize, our conformity assessment system must be quick enough to react and provide test results which can be used for these business dec…

Zambeef creates 1300 jobs countrywide

Zambeef PLC Zambeef PLC Chief Executive Officer Francis Grogan says his company will create about 1300 new jobs countrywide through its expansion program. Mr Grogan says, ZAMBEEF is currently implementing a three-year project to construct new macrostructures, which will result in 1300 new jobs created countrywide by the end of the project. Mr Grogan was speaking to ZANIS in an interview after the opening of a new macrostructure in Mufulira District, constructed at a cost of one thousand united states dollars. “Zambeef has this year invested about 21 million United States dollars countrywide in a bid to expand its operations, “ he said. Mr.Grogan said the expansion program includes expansion of the hatchery and farm in Mpongwe District, as well as the construction of new macro retail outlets. He said the move will see jobs created in the company’s processing plants, the Mpongwe Farm, as well as the retail outlets countrywide. So far, Zambeef has employed 7000 people countrywide in the proces…

Religious body opens Tomato Processing Plant in Chibombo

New Apostolic Church Relief Organization has launched a tomato processing plant in Chibombo, funded by NAK-KARITATIV, a faith-based organization based in Germany.

The launch was done by District Apostle Charles Ndandula on 20th September in Shamputa village where the organization has 18.5 hectares of farmland. The District Apostle urged farmers to take advantage of the plant and diversify into tomato production seeing that there is a ready market for the product. The launch was attended by various stakeholders in the district among them the ZNFU, the District Commissioners and Council Secretary’s offices, to mention but a few. The land is dedicated for use by NACRO for humanitarian services and economic empowerment of the members of the community, which will be attained through skills training for vulnerable youths, local farmers’ demonstration for horticulture and small livestock, and farmer empowerment through value addition. The plant will be processing tomatoes into tomato paste, hen…

Government to set up fruit (mango, Palm oil & cashew nut) processing plants in Eastern, Luapula, North-western and Western Provinces

Government says Zambian farmers will benefit from the three fruit processing plants to be constructed in Eastern, Luapula, western and North-western Provinces , respectively.
ZANIS Business news reports that Ministry of Agriculture acting Permanent Secretary, Peter Lungu says the three fruit processing plants would provide direct market for the local fruits farmers.

Mr. Lungu said the move to construct the fruit processing plants was a good move as it would add value to the products which will be processed at these plants.
Government had carried out a feasibility study which revealed that Zambian farmers had the capacity to supply fruits which could be processed into various products, he said.
“Our farmers in Zambia grow a lot of fruits such as cashew nuts, pineapples and mangoes but have no market for them. Through the feasibility studies which were carried out, we found out that constructing fruit processing plants will help our farmers because they will have a ready market for their pr…


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