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Deadline: 30 September 2022.

This is a hot opportunity for writers and visual artists.

Apply to join the two residency programmes established by the African Union and UNDP.

Be among ten talented pan-Africanist writers and visual artists who will help mark 20 years of the African Union.

Under the theme “Our Africa, Our Future,” two residency programmes powered by Africa No Filter will offer the space, time, resources, and support needed to produce a broad spectrum of fiction, narrative non-fiction, and poetry, as well as paintings, sculptures, drawings, photography, digital art, video and graffiti.

Residencies will take place in November 2022 and are open to African citizens from all member states of the African Union.

Visual artists will be hosted at the Loman Art Gallery in Dakar, Senegal, while the writers will be hosted at the Library of Africa and The African Diaspora (LOATAD) in Accra, Ghana.

Apply click HERE.

Sunday 11 September 2022