Tuesday 14 January 2020

100+ Zambian Youtubers to Watch 2022

Please scroll down and patiently wait for the list of Zambian YouTube Channels to load. 

   A thread off Twitter

Top Zed (Zambian) Brands updates this list as we find more Zambian YouTube channels. Know a Zambian YouTuber you want us to add? Tag/Follow us on Twitter 

Friday 3 January 2020

What is Top Zed Brands About?

For a while now, most of our readers across Zambia and the globe, have asked these questions. So, with this short blog post, I hope I can remove the cobwebs and set you on the path to everlasting knowledge and light. Hopefully, you grasp what this project is about.

Top Zed Brands was born on social media via a weekly chat on Twitter known as 'Insaka Chat'. Where a wide range of social issues relating to Zambia is discussed. That was in 2013. Today we have a modest following on our twitter (@TopZedBrands) account. Check out our twitter handle and interact with us. We are keen to know your views re quality Zambian products and services.


We have been around for four years now. By now we hope you know or at least have an idea who we are. If not please take a few minutes to have a look at our 1,2,3...

Explains to you, where we came from, what and who we are. Where we hope to go.

Tells you exactly what we aim to achieve and how.  We continue to grow and learn with your continued support. We want you to take pride in Zambian made products and services across the nation. We need you to take the lead in naming and identifying Zambian products that you love and support.

A proud moment for us was when we managed to get An interview with FLAVA FM's Tha Jayman. Please take a moment to listen.

For further information, feel free to contact us via Twitter @TopZedBrands.

Thanks for reading and keep buying Zambian.