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African Football - Road to Russia 2018.

Over the past couple of days, if you are like me you were enjoying African football via the Confederation of African Football Second leg qualifying matches. 

The matches were played by teams that hope to get a chance to represent their respective countries and Africa as a whole at the 2018 FIFA World Cup to be held in Russia™. Below are the results: -

Malawi 1-0 Tanzania (1-2 on aggregate)
Ethiopia 3-0 Sao Tome and Principe (3-1 on aggregate)
Kenya 0-0 Mauritius (5-2 on aggregate)
Madagascar 2-2 Central African Republic
Burundi 2-0 Seychelles (3-0 on aggregate)
Namibia 2-1 Gambia (3-2 on aggregate)
Sierra Leone 2-1 Chad (2-2 on aggregate, Chad advance on away goal rule)
Niger 4-0 Somalia (6-0 on aggregate)
Guinea-Bissau 1-3 Liberia (2-4 on aggregate)
Lesotho 1-1 Comoros (1-1 on aggregate, Comoros advance on away goal rule)
Mauritania 4-0 South Sudan (5-1 on aggregate)
Botswana 3-1 Eritrea (5-1 on aggregate)
Postponed: Swaziland – Djibouti

Second round draw
Niger v Cameroon
Mauritania v Tunisia
Namibia v Guinea
Ethiopia v Congo
Chad v Egypt
Comoros v Ghana
Swaziland/Djibouti v Nigeria
Botswana v Mali
Burundi v DR Congo
Liberia v Côte d’Ivoire
Madagascar v Senegal
Kenya v Cape Verde
Tanzania v Algeria
Sudan v Zambia
Libya v Rwanda
Morocco v Equatorial Guinea
Mozambique v Gabon
Benin v Burkina Faso
Togo v Uganda
Angola v South Africa



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