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"Our Location is online on our site
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram- @ Pezani Discount
Contact info- 096 0615411 or 097 0910474
Companies pay to advertise their products at 

K250 monthly subscription for advertisement on our website and K50 for website posts."

Pezani Discount was started while we were in school. Life of a student is nice (sometimes). You get paid for schooling๐Ÿ˜‚.
Before we went for regular food shopping because we obviously did not want to starve, we would survey all the shops for what we needed.

Some of you might say just go to Shoprite, it's cheap. ๐Ÿ˜‚ That's the lie we all grew up with. Yes, we said it, Shoprite isn't all cheap.
Buy everything from Shoprite as a student you will regret because there is basically no change (leftover cash).

Our survey would cover the town and the nearest shopping malls.
Find promotions and the freshest goodies. After that, we would go from shop to shop buying part of our shopping list until the whole list was complete. It sucked.

We visited the shops twice, the first time was to search for the discounts or lower prices and the second time was to buy.

Pezani discount was designed to lessen the struggle of going shop to shop to look for lower prices you can actually trust. We bundle up discounts we know and find and showcase them on one platform.

We also discovered that through our trips we found new products to try out. There are some amazing products out there that will surprise you. 

We also share fun things to shop for or activities worth trying because we believe experience only comes with exploring. So get spending with us as we expand our horizon.

Our website, you can check it out because it is free.
We are also on facebook, twitter and Instagram, our username is @pezanidiscount on all three. Feel free to send us messages for questions or queries or if you want tips.
Our location online๐Ÿ˜Š so that you reach us from anywhere you are.
You can call us on  +260 960615411 or +260 97 0910474



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