First Zambian Jams on Shoprite shelves

In 2000, the Eriksson Family took the significant decision to expand their farming operation to include food processing, producing Chankwakwa dried fruit, jams and sauces.

To source the raw materials, Mrs Dorothy Erikkson turned to local small-scale farmers via an outgrower scheme. She started with just 100 growers who supplied her with mangoes and other fruits and vegetables, training and organising families in cooperatives. Starting locally, in order to meet the growing demand for mango Chankwakwa now also sources from Luapula province.

Mrs Erikkson was aware that in order to keep the business growing she would need to expand the market for her products. She realised that her products, particularly the dried fruit, had two types of consumers: affluent Zambians and Muzungu (foreigners), all of whom mainly shop in large supermarket chains.

“At first we didn’t want to approach any large supermarkets because of the strict rules they have”, she said. But clearly this was a market that she needed to get into and eventually she secured listings at Shoprite, but only for dried fruit, particularly mango. The chain would not consider her jams as they already had a wide selection, albeit all sourced from outside of Zambia.


To help Chankwakwa meet the requirements of Shoprite, the PEPZ Business Linkages team helped Chankwakwa implement an accounting system to keep better control of the business as well as gain hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) certification, a systematic approach to food safety. The team then assisted Mrs Erikkson to re-present her jam range to Shoprite, this time with success. Five flavours are now available on shelves around the country and sales to Shoprite have soared by a massive 170% in the year to August 2016. 

Full story can be found here - PEPZ Website



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