Lungu Challenges 'LOCAL' Manufacturers

President Edgar Lungu has called on the local manufactures to improve the quality and presentation  of good and services of their products to install confidence in the consumers.

President Lungu  said it is important for the local manufactures to improve the quality of products to avoid the consumers opting to buy foreign products at the expense of local products.

He has since called on all Zambians to be patriotic and support local products to enhance  the country’s economic development.

The head of state said he is concerned with the levels at which Zambian people prefer to buy foreign goods.

President Lungu  has also called on Zambians to be patriotic and use the local currencies to in the business environment.

He added that it is also important for financial support to be translated in the country local currency.

And President Lungu  says he is disappointed that Zambians who are supposed to protect the country raw resources are participating in illegal activities.

President Lungu  says the report of the 82 trucks that were impounded by the Nakonde border is a clear sign that Zambians are also participating in the illegal harvesting the Mukule tree.

He said it is important for all Zambians to put the interest of the country first before there own individual interest.

The President was speaking when he addressed the National Assembly Friday .

Story & Photo via  ZNBC Website



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