Women In Sport: 2 - The story of Jahaanvie Walia (A young female Zambian Golfer)

Jahaanvie Walia

Jahaanvie Walia

Jahaanvie Walia started playing golf when she was only 4 years old. She only started to really play professionally at the age of 6. The 17-year-old wants to see more young girls get involved in the sport.

Jahaanvie Walia

"I would like to see more [girls] taking up sports. Am 17 years old but if you look at the people coming up behind me, they are not many," she told IMF sports weekly in an exclusive interview.

Jahaanvie has stressed the need for the co-operate world to come in and support the sport of golf. 

" We golfers struggle with funds because a lot of our competitions are held abroad. As for me, It's because my parents have invested all their money in me that was even here. It would be good if sponsors can come on board and pump money into amateur golf.  Yes, we cannot advertise for them now but when we turn professional they will get returns on their investments," she said.

Jahaanvie Walia

" We also lack proper facilities and we don't have enough coaches. If we are to one day compete for medals in the Olympics we need to sort out such details," she added.

Jahaanvie has participated in many local and international competitions including Zambia Open, Chick of the North, GNP and All Africa junior girls tournament.

She won the Chilanga ladies open and Mufulira ladies open this year. She was also the winner of the Masonic open in 2014 and 2016.

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