Government to set up fruit (mango, Palm oil & cashew nut) processing plants in Eastern, Luapula, North-western and Western Provinces

Government says Zambian farmers will benefit from the three fruit processing plants to be constructed in Eastern, Luapula, western and North-western Provinces , respectively.

ZANIS Business news reports that Ministry of Agriculture acting Permanent Secretary, Peter Lungu says the three fruit processing plants would provide direct market for the local fruits farmers.

Mr. Lungu said the move to construct the fruit processing plants was a good move as it would add value to the products which will be processed at these plants.

Government had carried out a feasibility study which revealed that Zambian farmers had the capacity to supply fruits which could be processed into various products, he said.

“Our farmers in Zambia grow a lot of fruits such as cashew nuts, pineapples and mangoes but have no market for them. Through the feasibility studies which were carried out, we found out that constructing fruit processing plants will help our farmers because they will have a ready market for their produce.

“Farmers in the areas where these plants will be constructed will be given first priority when it comes to buying fruits for processing,” he said.

He also explained that the amount of money which would be spent in constructing the processing plants has already been sourced and will
be announced during this year’s budget.

The fruit processing plants will include a mango processing facility in Eastern province, a Palm oil processing plant in Luapula Province, a cashew nut processing plant in Western Province and a Pineapple processing facility in North-Western Province. -

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